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Mimi Kara N2 Grammar: っぱなし (ppanashi)

Mimi Kara N2 Grammar: っぱなし (ppanashi)

37. ~ っぱなし (ppanashi)

Meaning 1: Status ~ continuously stretched

How to use 1: Vます (delete ます) + っぱなし

Example sentences:

It’s been raining all week and the laundry hasn’t dried yet.

The Shinkansen was so crowded, I had to stand for 3 hours straight to get to Osaka.

She kept letting the water run while brushing her teeth. That is a waste of resources.

New product orders keep coming in. The phone has been ringing since morning.

Meaning: 2: Just leave it as it is, do not clean, fix or handle anything

How to use 2: Vます (delete ます) + っぱなし

Example sentences:

Doors wide open / Doors wide open / Window swings wide

Last night I left the TV on with the lights on and went to bed.

Once you’ve finished using it, don’t leave it there, but return it to its original location.

My son left his bag in the front hall and just went out to play.

I kept getting complained like that and couldn’t say anything back. It’s frustrating.