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Let’s learn to communicate in Japanese

How to say “I” in Japanese

How to say “I” in Japanese わたくし (私) /watakushi/ – Very formal. – PR professionals (CEO, politicians…) usually use it when making official announcements. – It may sound a bit arrogant to the listeners so you should avoid using this. わたし (私) /watashi/ – A shortened form of「わたくし」. – The …

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How to say “You” in Japanese

How to say “You” in Japanese あなた /anata/ – Used if you’re trying to show respect to the person you’re addressing. – May be used when having no information about the addressed person. – Commonly used by women to address their husband or lover. おまえ (お前) /omae/ – Very informal …

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Honorific speech in Japanese

Japanese Honorifics Name/Surname + Honorifics さん /san/ – The most common honorific. – A title of respect added after a name or a surname. – Can be used in formal and informal contexts and for any gender between equals of any age. – Can also be attached to workplace nouns, …

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Japanese greetings you need to know

Japanese greetings you need to know Common Greetings 1. おはよう ohayou: Good Morning (from sunrise to 10.00) 2. おはようございます ohayou gozaimasu: Good Morning (more polite) 3. こんにちは konnichiwa: Good Evening (from 10.00 to dark) 4. こんばんは konbanwa: Good Night (once dark) 5. あきましておめでとう akimashite omedetou: Happy new year (used only …

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Say “whatever” in Japanese

Say “whatever” in Japanese There are different expressions in Japanese that can be understood as “whatever”: なんでもいい。”Anything’s fine” どうでもいい。”Any way is fine” どこでもいい。”Any place is fine” いつでもいい。”Any time is fine” だれでもいい。”Anyone will do” かってにして。”Do what you want” まいいか。”well,I guess that’s fine” ワットエバ。”whatever(in English)“ Hope this was useful to you all …

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Learn Japanese – How To Invite

HOW TO INVITE? いっしょに (Issho ni) = together (with), at the same time. Let’s say you want to invite your friend to a lunch? Here is the pattern.. いっしょに + noun + particle + Verb Negative + か Example: A. 田中さん いっしょに ひるごはん を たべませんか? Tanaka san isshoni hirugohan wo …

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Basic Japanese Phrases – Part 4

Basic Japanese Phrases – Part 4 Useful Japanese Phrases In this lesson, we will learn about commonly used Japanese phrases. はじめまして (Hajimemashite) : nice to meet you お元気ですか (O genki desu ka) : how are you? 元気です (Genki desu) : I’m fine あなた わ?(Anata wa?) – and you? ありがとう (Arigatou) …

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