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Mimi Kara N2 Grammar: 上で (uede)

Mimi Kara N2 Grammar: 上で (uede)

12: ~ 上で (uede)

Meaning 1: After doing ~. See it as a condition, a foundation

How to use 1: Vた/N + の + 上で

* In the case of nouns, can be omitted で

Example sentences:

“After discussing with my family, I will answer you”

I plan to look at the product and then decide whether to buy it or not.

If I don’t investigate first, I can’t say for sure

This is the conclusion drawn after much discussion.

“Please fill out this form and bring it to counter 1”

Meaning 2: In the case of doing ~, in the process of doing ~

How to use 2 : Vる + 上で

Example sentences:

When a married woman goes to work, the support of her husband and children is indispensable.

When writing a request letter, the most important thing is to be very clear.

When learning a foreign language, a dictionary is indispensable.

“When renting an apartment, what factors do you consider important?”