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Mimi Kara N2 Grammar: に応じ(て) niouji (te)

Mimi Kara N2 Grammar: に応じ(て) niouji (te)

18. ~ に応じ(て) niouji (te)

Meaning:  Suitable for variety, variation

How to use: N + に応じ(て)

Example sentences:

My school divides classes according to the level of each student.

Depending on the variety of learning purposes, there should be meticulousness in teaching methods and materials.

In case of emergency, depending on the situation, there should be flexible response methods.

Today’s electronics are very colorful, you can choose the color according to your preferences.

This hotel provides services according to the needs of each customer.

Grammar: 応じる oujiru

Meaning: Responding to the effects of things

Example sentences:

Many young people respond to the recruitment of volunteers.

Orders were so fast, I couldn’t fulfill them all.