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Mimi Kara N2 Grammar: まで (made)

Mimi Kara N2 Grammar: まで (made)

13. ~ まで (made)

Meaning 1: Even ~

How to use 1: (N)/(N + に) + まで

Example sentences:

In the afternoon, the wind became stronger and stronger, and in the evening it even snowed.

Taking this medicine is not only ineffective but also causes serious side effects.

Betrayed by a best friend. Now I can’t trust anyone anymore.

At the age of 50, I was finally able to go to Paris, the place I’ve always dreamed of.

Meaning 2: To do something beyond the normal range of thinking (used in a negative sense)

How to use 2:
Vて + まで


Example sentences:

Even though I want a new TV, it’s not to the point of borrowing money to buy it.

“Do you want to rely on banned drugs to win?”

Although climbing is my hobby, I don’t want to worry my family.

I was disappointed with that concert. I skipped school and went to see it.

Nowadays, in order to find a job, there are young people who seek plastic surgery.