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Learn JLPT N2 Grammar: せめて (semete)

Learn JLPT N2 Grammar: せめて (semete)

Meaning: at least; at most

Used to express the earnest desire of the speaker to have his or her wishes fulfilled, even to the smallest extent.

How to use: せめて + phrase

Example sentences:

1. 夏はせめて一週間ぐらい休みが欲しい。
natsu wa semete ichi-shūkan gurai yasumi ga hoshī.
In the summer, we hope to take at least a week off

2. 小さくてもいい。せめて庭のある家に住みたい。
chīsakute mo ī. Semete niwa no aru ie ni sumitai.
I want to live in a house, even if it’s tight, it must have a garden at least

3. せめてあと三日あれば、もうちょっといい作品が出せるのだが。
semete ato san-nichi areba, mō chotto ī sakuhin ga daseru nodaga.
If I had at least three more days, I could produce a slightly better work.

4. せめて軽く一杯飲んでから出かける事にしたらどう?
semete karuku ippai nonde kara dekakeru koto ni shitara dou.
You’ll come and have a drink before you go, at least?

5. マリー、せめてこれぐらいしか、してあげられないけど。
marii, semete kore gurai shika shite agerarenai kedo.
Marie, this is the least I could do.