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JLPT N5 Verb List

JLPT N5 Verb List
JLPT N5 Verbs Vocabulary List

1. 会う (あう)- to meet
2. 開く (あく)- to become open
3. 開ける (あける)- to open
4. 上げる (あげる)- to give
5. 遊ぶ (あそぶ)- to play, to make a visit
6. あびる – to bathe, to shower
7. 洗う (あらう)- to wash
8. ある – to be, to have (inanimate)
9. 歩く (あるく)- to walk
10. 言う (いう)- to say
11. 行く (いく)- to go
12. 居る (いる)- to be, to have (animate)
13. 要る (いる)- to need
14. 入れる (いれる)- to put in
15. 歌う (うたう)- to sing
16. 生まれる (うまれる)- to be born
17. 売る (うる)- to sell
18. 起きる (おきる)- to get up
19. 置く (おく)- to put
20. 教える (おしえる)- to teach, to tell
21. 押す (おす)- to push, to stamp
22. 覚える (おぼえる)- to remember
23. 泳ぐ (およぐ)- to swim
24. 降りる (おりる)- to get off, to descend
25. 終わる (おわる)- to finish
26. 買う (かう)- to buy
27. 返す (かえす)- to return something
28. 帰る (かえる)- to return, to go back
29. かかる – to take time or money
30. 書く (かく)- to write
31. かける – to call by phone
32. 貸す (かす)- to lend
33. 借りる (かりる)- to borrow
34. 消える (きえる)- to disappear
35. 聞く (きく)- to hear, to listen, to ask
36. 切る (きる)- to cut
37. 着る (きる)- to put on
38. 曇る (くもる)- to become cloudy/dim
39. 来る (くる)- to come
40. 消す (けす)- to erase, to turn off
41. 答える (こたえる)- to answer
42. コピーする – to copy
43. 困る (こまる)- to be worried
44. 咲く (さく)- to bloom
45. 差す (さす)- to stretch out, to raise
46. 散歩する (さんぽする)- to stroll
47. 死ね (しね)- to die
48. 閉まる (しまる)- to close, to be closed
49. 閉める (しめる)- to close something
50. 締める (しめる)- to tie
51. 知る (しる)- to know
52. 吸う (すう)- to smoke
53. 住む (すむ)- to live in
54. する – to do
55. 座る (すわる)- to sit
56. 掃除する (そうじする)- to clean, to sweep
57. 出す (だす)- to put out
58. 立つ (たつ)- to stand
59. 頼む (たのむ)- to ask
60. 食べる (たべる)- to eat
61. 違う (ちがう)- to differ
62. 使う (つかう)- to use
63. 疲れる (つかれる)- to get tired
64. 着く (つく)- to arrive at
65. 作る (つくる)-to make
66. つける – to turn on
67. 勤める (つとめる)- to work for someone
68. 出かける (でかける)- to go out
69. できる – to be able to
70. 出る (でる)- to leave, to go out
71. 取る (とる)- to take something
72. 撮る (とる)- to take a photo or film
73. 鳴く (なく)- to chirp, roar, croak etc
74. 無くす (なくす)- to lose something
75. 習う (ならう)- to learn
76. 並ぶ (ならぶ)- to line up, to stand in line
77. 並べる (ならべる)- to line up, to set up
78. なる – to become
79. 脱ぐ (ぬぐ)- to take off clothes
80. 寝る (ねる)- to sleep, to go to bed
81. 登る (のぼる)- to climb
82. 飲む (のむ)- to drink
83. 乗る (のる)- to ride, to get on
84. 入る (はいる)- to enter, to contain
85. はく – to wear, to put on trousers
86. 始まる (はじまる)- to begin
87. 走る (はしる)- to run
88. 働く (はたらく)- to work
89. 話す (はなす)- to speak
90. 貼る (はる)- to stick
91. 晴れる (はれる)- to be sunny
92. 引く (ひく)- to pull
93. 弾く (ひく)- to play an instrument
94. 吹く (ふく)- to blow (wind)
95. 降る (ふる)- to fall (rain, snow)
96. 勉強する (べんきょうする)- to study
97. 曲がる (まがる)- to turn, to bend
98. 待つ (まつ)- to wait
99. 磨く (みがく)- to brush teeth, to polish
100. 見せる (みせる)- to show
101. 見る (みる)- to see, to watch, to look
102. 持つ (もつ)- to hold
103. 休む (やすむ)- to rest
104. やる – to do
105. 行く (ゆく)- to go
106. 呼ぶ (よぶ)- to call out, to invite
107. 読む (よむ)- to read
108. 練習する (れんしゅうする)- to practice
109. 分かる (わかる)- to be understood
110. 忘れる (わすれる)- to forget
111. 渡す (わたす)- to hand over
112. 渡る (わたる)- to go across