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Mimi Kara N2 Grammar: だけあって (dake atte)

Mimi Kara N2 Grammar: だけあって (dake atte)

70. ~ だけあって (dake atte)

Meaning:  Because ~ should. Suitable for status, capacity -> most only positive things

How to use: N/V/Aい/Aな + だけあって

Example sentences:

Germany is the cradle of beer, no wonder there are many different types of beer there.

The restaurant is very famous, so it is always crowded.

This song is a worldwide hit so the lyrics and melody are both amazing.

That kid is called an insect expert, no wonder he understands insects very well.

Grammar: ~だけのことはある (dake no koto wa aru)

Meaning: Worthy of ability, effort, status

Example sentences:

I’m so glad I won. It is well worth the efforts spent in the past 1 year.

These shoes are very durable and easy to wear. So it must be expensive.

It’s hard to believe that this picture was drawn by a child. It’s okay to be praised by everyone.

“This toy is already broken. So it’s cheap too.”