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Conjunctions in Japanese for JLPT


1. Additional words of information

さらに (更に) : furthermore; again; after all; moreover; even more

それに (其れに) : besides; in addition; also; moreover

そのうえ (その上) : in addition; furthermore

それから (其れから) : and then; after that

また (又) : again; also; on the other hand; as well; likewise

2. Words of choice

あるいは (或いは) : or; either … or

それとも (其れ共) : or; or else

または ( 又は) : or; either … or …

3. Concluding words

すなわち (即ち) : that is; namely; i.e.

つまり (詰まり) : in short; in brief; to sum up; ultimately; in the end

なぜなら (何故なら) : because; the reason is; if you want to know why

よいするに : In short; to sum it up; to put it simply

4. Words that change the subject

さて : which…., and hereafter, and now

それでは : in that case, then, then

ところで : there is; only thing; only thing; but

5. The words that express the main idea are in the following paragraph

したがって : therefore; consequently; accordingly

それなら : if that’s the case …; if so …; that being the case …

そうすると : If you say that; if you do it like that

しかし : however; but

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